Sunday, November 18, 2012


Today was everybody's (or at least my) favorite UU service: Bread Sunday! This year I made a Swedish Limpa Rye Bread.  It turned out fantastic.  Additionally, it supported the UU cliche of coffee loving as the recipe called for two cups of it in the dough.  It was fantastic.

Of course, I like this service for other reasons then just the sharing of bread. I like taking time for just being in thanks and sharing of gratitude.  I like hearing people's stories on why they chose which bread to share.  Hearing each other's history's, traditions, and family stories brings us closer together as a community.  It is also one of the rare times that most UU churches are experiencing the same sort of service.  It is a connection to the larger denomination.  I hope yours was as meaningful as ours.


John Hansen said...

The two churches in my town do an annual joint bread communion for All Souls Day. The church had kind of a funny rule written into its by-laws. Officially, the church was founded as a Christian Unitarian congregation which is reflected in its name: Church of the Messiah.

The founders insisted that twice a year, no matter how else the church evolves, there must be a communion. They didn't want to be confused with those free-thinking Universalists down in Boston. ;)

However, they did not stipulate when the communion could be served nor what kind of communion it could be. So, in addition to a communion at Easter, they came up with a bread communion to remember those we lost over the past year. People would line up to light a candle and say the name of those people they're missing. It was a lovely service and very moving.

plaidshoes said...

John - that is a fascinating story. I love learning about church history and the reasons behind their "unique" traditions. I really like the idea of lighting a candle in remembrance. We typically do a service like that around the Day of the Dead. But, I like how your congregation does it with the communion. As people introduced their bread, there was a lot of reflection on past family members and it would have been lovely to light a candle while sharing their stories.