Monday, December 24, 2012


My eight year is a believer.  He believes in Santa and Jesus with equal fervor.  He is rabidly following NORAD's Santa tracker and couldn't imagine not going to church on Christmas Eve to celebrate Jesus' birth.  I love this about him. I love his ability to just accept. This is not to infer that he doesn't question, he does, but he is perfectly comfortable in accepting that some things can just be miraculous. I like to think like this, too.  I like to think that miracles occur and that there is a little bit of magic in the world.  As much as we humans like to think that everything is cut and dry, and can be explained - sometimes it can't.  When reading ancient history, it is notable how much greater the belief in miracles was.  Today we tend to brush it off as they lacked the scientific knowledge to understand what was happening.  I find this sad.  Why does everything have to be explained? Why have we become such cynics that we can't just let go and believe that miracles do occur?  This holiday season I wish for you peace and an openess to accept the unexplainable.

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