Sunday, January 6, 2013

Bible Study IS fun!

I have been leading a once a month bible study for my congregation for about a year and a half.  This was not an easy sell for my UU congregation, and, admittedly, we are a small group. But, it has been awesome.  This has probably become my favorite part of church.  My comprehension of various bible stories has increased significantly while my connectedness to fellow students has increased exponentially.  I feel we have become a sort of Chalice Circle as we delve deeper into the philosophical ramifications of various bible passages.  All points of view are welcome.  We come from diverse backgrounds and have different levels of comfort with the bible.  This all adds to the richness of the discussion.  I usually think I have a good grasp of the topic, only to have my eyes open to a whole different level of understanding by someone else.  I encourage you all to think about starting or attending a bible study at your congregation.  I have been amazed where our discussion have led and the relevance they have on modern life.

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Sara said...

Thank you for your consistent defense of the value of Bible study. I've just started a Bible Study with my mom and my sister, and we're enjoying our reading and discussions very much.