Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Garden Dreaming in the Middle of Winter

(not my actual garden)
Every year, about this time, I start dreaming BIG garden dreams.  My dream garden often looks like the image above.  I think about all the amazing vegetables I will grow and how fabulous they will taste. I imagine that I will be the envy of the neighborhood with my awesome gardening skills.  This has never actually come to fruition.

This is a more accurate representation of what my garden looks like by mid-July.  It drives Husband crazy and is the reason why I still belong to a CSA.  I am not sure what happens, but I am pretty sure it has a lot to do with the incredible St. Louis heat.  Husband has declared that he is taking over the garden this year.  We will see.  He is also a lot of talk with little weeding follow through.  But, I am scaling back my dreams and hope to plant the following, minimal care plants:
Large Garden:
asparagus (already established)
rhubarb (already established and will add to)
2 types of tomatoes
Cilantro (only because I can't get rid of it!)
Lots of Hops (we homebrew)
Small Garden and along the house:
Strawberries (struggling so will supplement)
Blueberries (replace the ones that died)
Raspberries (already established)
3 more grape vines (I dream of having my own vineyard!)
Herb Box:
lemon grass
Medicinal Box:
self heal
mint (way over established)
calendula (have had bad luck with this, but will try again)
Another dwarf apple tree (three total)
Another 2 dwarf peach trees (three total)
Some nut tree but haven't decided yet

Plus tons of flowers!  We shall see how this goes.  Like I said -I dream BIG garden dreams!

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Bridgett said...

Those are not small dreams. I'm officially giving up on tomatoes, I swear it (but I will succumb, like every year, and be disappointed, like the last 3 years). In the end I will have garlic (wild in my yard) and strawberries (quickly taking over the garden). BAsil in pots. And nothing else...