Thursday, February 21, 2013

Daniel Fast Update 1

After three successful days I completely fell off the wagon.  Despite my preparations and good intentions, taking a four day trip proved to be too much for me and continuing the Fast.  I tried to not let my Catholic guilt get a hold of me, but figured God would be ok with it since I was going to a full Catholic funeral AND had to say the whole rosary.  Now that I am home, though, I have recommitted to it. That hardest parts have been the requirement to only drink water and eat no leavened bread.  This means I can not have coffee, tea or my yummy homemade pizza dough.   I realize that this is very small, but I am finding that I have to make just about everything from scratch.  I like its emphasis on whole foods and hope that this continues on after the Fast. I am still working on the spiritual aspect.  Since I have just begun (again), I haven't felt a whole lot of difference but will continue with the suggestions in the book and reflect on how they relate to my personal spirituality.

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