Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Daniel Fast Update 2

I have gotten into the groove of the Fast and it is becoming much easier.  I am into the rhythm of making my own unleavened bread and crackers.  I am eating a lot healthier and have been physically feeling great.  The last two weeks have been packed, but I feel like my energy level has been constant and that I can handle it all.  Being off caffeine has made a big difference in that regard.  I wake up awake and fall asleep easily.  I like not "needing" something to get going.  I might continue that after the Fast.

The Spiritual aspect to it has left me with more questions then answers.  I feel like I am floating between thoughts and ideas and just can't make up my mind on what exactly I believe.  Husband and I are struggling to really connect to our current congregation.  We are involved, but things still seem a little off and I am not sure why.  The children are also not 100% happy there.  They go to a Lutheran school and lean towards Christianity.  While we like having them in a UU church on Sunday, there is a low undercurrent of anti-Christianity (not from the minister) that pops up once in awhile that makes the kids feel uncomfortable.  I struggle with them on how to explain what exactly UU is and its deeper theological value.

This brings up the next issue.  I have been working to start an interfaith environmental group in Missouri.  Our launch is this Thursday (yay!!).  Through this experience, I have been talking with folks from all sorts of theological perspectives.  I appreciate their definitive understanding of their history, traditions, and theological perspectives.  They are passionate about their faith.  It has made me ask, why am I not as passionate about UU anymore?  This is the question I hope to figure out during Lent.

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