Tuesday, April 30, 2013

There is another option

Last night I received the awful news that a former friend had committed suicide.  I am heartbroken.  We haven't had contact in many years as he is the ex-husband of a close friend.  I knew that he had been having problems and wanted to reach out, but in solidarity to C, I did not.  He leaves behind two young daughters who will never get to know what a wonderful person he was.  If you suspect that someone is suffering, please don't hesitate to help.  If you are suffering, please reach out. Suicide is not the answer.

Monday, April 29, 2013

Three Become One

The Central Midwest District Assembly was this past weekend.  For us on the board, it was the culmination of three+ years of work as we dissolved ourselves and merged into the MidAmerica Region. We have now joined with the Heartland and Prairie Star Districts to create a region that can better utilize our resources and talent.  There was a mixture of nervousness and excitement in the air.  So much prep work had be done and I think we would have been devastated if the motion had not passed.  But it did and their were tears of joy.  There is one final step, though.  I hope that all of you who are attending General Assembly this year will vote for the amendment to allow for the wordage of "region" in addition to "district".  It really is a minor change, but will allow for so much more possibilities!

Friday, April 12, 2013

Climate Change and Washington DC

This past week, the family and I traveled to Washington DC.  It was part vacation and part "work".  I am on the steering committee for Missouri Interfaith Power & Light.  The national Interfaith Power & Light was having their national conference, so I decided it would be a great chance for all of us to head east. We were fortunate that Husband's parents were also able to go with us, so the days I was at the conference, they could help Husband with the kids.  Additionally, it was great to have the extra drivers for the 14 hour trek!

We couldn't have planned a better experience.  The drive was smooth, the weather perfect (if not a little hot!), the kids did amazingly well despite the incredibly amount of walking, and the the cherry blossomed bloomed!!  That was just luck. We visited the Spy Museum, Capital, Library of Congress, the monuments, Air and Space, Udvar-Hazy Center (probably the kids favorite), American History Museum, Mount Vernon and Monticello and there was still tons we DIDN'T see!  Such an educational time that I wish every one could have.

The conference was also very inspiring.  There were representatives from most states and religious faiths.  Sometimes I feel like we are working so hard and no one is listening.  The conference reminded me that we (in Missouri) are not alone and we are making progress no matter how incremental.  State affiliates are all at different levels of maturation, but there is hope and there is help.  I am grateful that I got to attend and have returned renewed in my passion that it is important that Missouri have this valuable voice and I will continue to work hard that it is heard.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Trying to be Grateful

There are certain things I really want to change, but feel unable to.  I really want to move back to Iowa. I want that childhood for my children and to be closer to my mom.  Unfortunately, Husband does not want that.  He wants to move, but to stay in the St. Louis area.  He loves St. Louis and his family is here.  I can understand that.  We have benefited greatly from their help and I love them, too.  But, when will it be my turn?  Is that even fair to ask? I have been in St. Louis for eighteen years and I want to go home.  The kids are growing so fast and their childhood is flying by.  Daughter only has one more year at her school before we have to figure out what to do about high school.  Husband doesn't want to pay for private school and would like to move to a better school district.  I have no interest in moving to another suburb.  We either stay here or we move to Iowa.  I am sure you are seeing our standoff.  I wish there was more I could do to help the situation.  Husband is the breadwinner of the family, so any move would have to be dependent upon him getting a job.  I am looking, too, but after being out of the workforce for almost twelve years, no one is very interested in me. Unfortunately, there are just not that many jobs for his skill set in Iowa.  It is frustrating.

Then the guilt sets in.  Who am I to complain?  Don't I have enough with a loving, healthy family?  Why should I ask for more?  We are doing well here and I am being selfish.  These are all the thoughts going on in my head. I need to be grateful for all that I have. But the longing continues...