Friday, April 12, 2013

Climate Change and Washington DC

This past week, the family and I traveled to Washington DC.  It was part vacation and part "work".  I am on the steering committee for Missouri Interfaith Power & Light.  The national Interfaith Power & Light was having their national conference, so I decided it would be a great chance for all of us to head east. We were fortunate that Husband's parents were also able to go with us, so the days I was at the conference, they could help Husband with the kids.  Additionally, it was great to have the extra drivers for the 14 hour trek!

We couldn't have planned a better experience.  The drive was smooth, the weather perfect (if not a little hot!), the kids did amazingly well despite the incredibly amount of walking, and the the cherry blossomed bloomed!!  That was just luck. We visited the Spy Museum, Capital, Library of Congress, the monuments, Air and Space, Udvar-Hazy Center (probably the kids favorite), American History Museum, Mount Vernon and Monticello and there was still tons we DIDN'T see!  Such an educational time that I wish every one could have.

The conference was also very inspiring.  There were representatives from most states and religious faiths.  Sometimes I feel like we are working so hard and no one is listening.  The conference reminded me that we (in Missouri) are not alone and we are making progress no matter how incremental.  State affiliates are all at different levels of maturation, but there is hope and there is help.  I am grateful that I got to attend and have returned renewed in my passion that it is important that Missouri have this valuable voice and I will continue to work hard that it is heard.

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