Saturday, May 4, 2013


How do you define friendship? Do you put certain parameters and rules on it? Are there expectations that must be met?  I have been thinking about this for awhile.  This year has seen so many losses, I feel a bit adrift.  When I was headed to my friend's memorial service and feeling particularly down and needing to talk, I reached out to a friend who lives an ocean away.  I particularly hate to cry in front of people. It is mortifying for this introvert.  But, I knew F. was the one person who could hear my tears and it would be ok.  And he did, and it was ok. I realized that it doesn't matter if he is in Italy.  Friends don't have to live next door to be there for you.  A friend is there when you need someone to listen and to care.

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Raising Faith said...

ugh--crying in front of people can be mortifying for us extroverts, too. I absolutely hate it. it's a hard, sad thing to go to a funeral for a friend. sending you hugs!!