Saturday, August 24, 2013

UU Calendar

I was thinking how I need to get a 2014 calendar and about what style I should get.  Usually I get one that supports a non-profit organization.  Which one, which one.... Then it hit me - why isn't there a UU themed calendar?  It could be inclusive to different religious holidays, plus highlight notable times in UU history.  Has this been done before?  Is there one currently out there?  If not, it could be fundraising effort for the UUA.  I am willing to help, but have very little graphic arts experience.  Who's in?!


Sara said...

Yes! Make one! I had my youth and RE kids make one a few years back that we sold at church as a fundraiser for a youth trip, and folks loved them!

Loosed Mind said...

I have been working on some things. Check out I created images to use as an Advent calendar during the winter holiday season but had a vision of a larger image made available each month or produced and published together as a calendar. Each image would have some search for activities etc.