Saturday, October 19, 2013

Kid Sports

September and October are crazy busy months for us.  Daughter is in volleyball and both sons are in soccer.  Everyday, the logistics of getting every one where they need to be is a huge puzzle that has to be solved.  As we are nearing the end of the season, the kids are in more tournaments and I am forced to just sit and watch.  This past Friday and today were totally consumed with a volleyball tournament.  The girls did great, but I found myself getting wrapped up in how well they were playing. Normally I try to be as encouraging as possible, but today I found my thoughts (thankfully not out loud) going towards, "why do they keep M in? She keeps missing her spikes", "S needs to stop being such a ball hog", "why can't the girls just talk to each other?!?", etc.  I was just being so critical.  Then I caught myself and stepped back. These girls are only 12 and 13!  They are still learning and doing a lot better job then I would have.  I need to BACK OFF.  It was a lesson on how easy it is to become THAT parent.  Perspective people!

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