Thursday, March 6, 2014

UU Time Capsule

Am I the only one a little disappointed in the Time Capsule contents? I suppose it is my over active imagination, but I was super excited when Headquarters had announced they found it.  How cool!!!  But it wasn't.  I anticipated the usual assortment of hymnals, papers, and newsletter (interesting in an academic way).  What I had hoped was there would be treasures of chalices, stained glass, vestments, music, significant objects, etc. Instead, it's contents reflect exactly what you would expect old, white men would feel are important.  And yes, those things are important, but I hope when we develop the next time capsule, we try to give a full vision of who we are and what we do.  I hope it is more then just documents, but representations of how we live our faith in a dynamic and multi-faceted way.

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Amy said...

I love this.

Maybe it was put together by old white men.