Friday, February 27, 2015

Where Do You Live?

I just received by UU World today.  Not surprisingly it is about racial justice.  It got me to thinking about where do most UU's live.  To me, one strong way of bringing about racial justice is to live together.  Not necessarily in the same house, but in the same neighborhoods.  I live in the suburb next to Ferguson.  Many of my friends live in Ferguson and I am in that community all the time.  My own community is reaching the white as minority threshold.  In fact, many long time St. Louisans who have left my area (white flight) wonder why we still live here.  Why?  Because I want my kids to grow up in a diverse area.  I want them to see all facets of the human race, both in terms of ethnicity and socio-economic status.  I like where we live.  I like the diversity.  I have no desire to join my fellow "flighters" and live in all white/upper-middle class conclaves.  This is why we have racial injustice.  My children will grow up knowing that not all stereotypes are true, because they have experienced it themselves. They will not grow up conditioned to be afraid of African-American men because those men were once boys they went to school with and to birthday parties and to Boy Scouts, etc.  Living together shows us all that we are each unique and not to subscribe to racial prejudices that may be consciously or unconsciously passed down through society. We are all just humans. I would encourage fellow UUs to look around their neighborhoods.  Helping is one thing, but living together is another.

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