Sunday, October 29, 2017

500th Reformation Anniversary

As a duel-faith (UU & ELCA Lutheran) family, this October 31st is a pretty big day on the liturgical calendar. I was hoping someone more theological minded would post how this affects (or doesn't) Unitarian Universalists.  As we come out of the Protestant denomination, I thought I might see some sort of acknowledgement of this big anniversary. Is there one? Did I miss it? I think it is worth noting as it is a part of our history.

UPDATE: Came across this great blog post from Caute. A fascinating look into the unintended consequences of the Reformation

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

UU Communion

This past Sunday I preached on Original Sin. If you get a chance to read Danielle Shroyer's book on the topic, Original Blessing: Putting Sin in its Rightful Place, I would recommend it. While it comes at the topic from a very Christian perspective, I think UUs can get a lot out of it.  This is a topic for another post, though.

I have been wanting to do a form of Communion at my congregation for awhile. I finally got to this past weekend. I was a little apprehensive on how it would be received, but really feel that Communion is way a of connecting with each other. It went wonderfully. As I realize that a lot of folks have baggage regarding taking Communion, I made sure that it was in the weekly email and Facebook page. I didn't want anyone caught off guard.  I am really grateful that they approached it with an open mind. I cobbled together a variety of sources and thought that it came across as very ecumenical and UU focused. I made the Communion bread myself (we are a small congregation, so it wasn't a problem) and borrowed those little cups from my sister-in-law's church.  I am appreciative that the congregation went with it and I hope that I can perform it again.  Does your congregation every do this (and I don't mean the annual Bread Communion)?

Friday, January 20, 2017


I am still in disbelief that this megalomaniac is going to be our President. I am still in disbelief that so many people believed his lies. I am sick with worry for our country as I see one terrible Cabinet choice after another nominated. For all those people who voted for him and finally realize that he doesn't care about you at all, don't come to me. I will have done all that I could to fight for rights that you threw away.