Saturday, May 10, 2008

Renew Missouri

Following is a guest post by Mr. Plaidshoes (aka Matt):

Renew Missouri has worked this fall to put an initiative on the ballot for November to mandate the use of renewable energy for the big electrical companies in Missouri.
The current system is only advisory and has no real teeth.
This initiative puts in fines if the companies don't comply.
It imposes limits on any increase in cost to consumers to 1% per year.
It also makes sure some of the power comes from solar and includes a rebate incentive to those who install solar power.
There is also incentives to produce the power in state vs out of state with increased credit for in state power.

This is a progressive piece of legislation that needs to be enacted to save our environment and not leave Missouri in the Dark Ages in the renewable energy marketplace.

Check out this website for more information and join in spreading the word. I guarratee that the money from the Utility companies will be overwhelming and need to be countered with our voices.

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