Saturday, June 2, 2012

Send A Mouse to College

Does anyone else remember these fundraisers?  I have very distinct memories of being in elementary school and getting envelopes asking us for a dollar to "Send a mouse to college."  The pictured mice looked cute and, who wouldn't want to send them to college?! I did! It completely went over my head that we were sending them to be experimented on.  Only when I reached high school and was dating a fellow vegetarian that he enlightened me to what was really going on. Wow, I can not believe how naive I was! It is sad on many levels.

Husband works for a large biochemical company (not Monsanto - to quote them "they are a farming company", uh yeah).  His company produces fine chemicals to be used mostly in research settings.  Often they get promotional gear.  Imagine my flashbacks when this shirt popped up in the laundry! Husband and I have VERY differing opinions on animal research. While I am no fan of rats, it makes me sad that we haven't evolved from experimenting on innocent animals.  It seems like we should be technically advanced where this isn't necessary.  I hope that day comes soon. I don't think any animal should have to "go to college" unless it wants to.


Anonymous said...

It was terrible. I sent many mice to college. ASSHOLES!!!! i can't believe they let us think that!

Anonymous said...

I remember this from the mid 60s. It costs 27 cents.